1. Iíve been told I need a Certificate of Eligibility.  How do I get that?
Answer: Yes, you do need a CoE. However in most cases we can get that
for you and is part of our service. If you would like to obtain one yourself,
you will need to complete the form 26-1880

2. Does my Certificate of Eligibility guarantee that I will get a loan?
Answer: No. It only tells us that you are eligible for VA Home Loan financing.
There are still credit, income and other qualifications to obtain the loan.

3. I have used my VA Eligibility before. Can I use it again?
Answer: In most cases you can, as long as the home was not foreclosed.

4. How do Student Loans affect my qualification?
Answer: I've posted the answer on a separate page here.

4. The home I had a VA loan was foreclosed or I gave a deed in lieu of foreclosure. How can I get my eligibility restored?
Answer: The government paid a claim for losses. You can have your eligibility restored once that claim has been repaid.

5. Can I close my home loan in my home town?
Answer: Yes. My staff and I will coordinate with title companies and attorneys in your state and city.

6. How do all the documents get to me or back to you?
Answer: There are several ways that can be handled.  Bring them to any of my offices, Email, Fax, or FedEx.  We will even reimburse you for the FedEx bills aftr you close.

7. I already applied to another Lender for my VA Home Loan. Do I have to stay with them?
No you don't. You can change your mind and decide who you want to close your loan. Transferring your loan is a process that we handle quickly for you.

8. Can I use VA Financing for a Rental Property purchase?
Answer: No. You can only use this program for your Primary residence.

9. Can I refinance my primary residence using the VA Program?
Answer: Yes, you can. We make that process fast and easy for you too!

10. I hate to fill out forms online. Can I talk to a person?
Answer: Of course you can. I have even set up a toll free number for your to call me!

11. I don't feel comfortable giving my financial information over the Internet, what can we do?
Answer: Letís just either meet or talk on the telephone. Contact me here.

12. How long does it take to close my loan?
Answer: in most cases we can complete everything in about 2 to 3 weeks. Often, VA appraisals can take some time so it really depends on how quickly the appraiser can get the appraisal back to us.

13. I am working with a Realtor. Is this O.K.?
Answer: Absolutely. We highly encourage you to use the services of a Real Estate Agent.  If you don't have an agent, let us know and we can recommend one for you.

14. Another lender botched my loan, can I transfer my loan to you?
Answer: Yes. Itís unfortunate that you have to experience that, however, this is a common occurrence in which we help others with all the time. The loan can be transferred to us and we will help make it easier for you. 

15. I want to move forward with you, what do I tell my Realtor?

Answer: Just contact me and I will talk with your Realtor.  Or ask them to fax a copy of your purchase contract to us, and we will give the Realtor a call to coordinate.

16. I just want to talk and have questions answered. Can I call you?
Answer: Sure, please call me at your convenience. Click here for my contact information.

17. I don't live in Utah. Can you still handle my loan?

Answer:  I can help you with your VA Home Loan in many Western States including California, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming

18.I am not a veteran. Do you have other no money down programs?

Answer: I have many no money down programs available for many situations. I have many listed on my main website or on my Grant Program Website.

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